Director of Operations

Job Description



The Director of Operations is the primary position to ensure that Animals, fosters and volunteers responsible for the transport and care of the animals are held in the highest regard. The Director of Operations is responsible for overseeing the foster and adoption programs of the organization. Other key duties include collaborating with volunteers and community outreaches in the capacity of volunteer recruitment and reporting to the Executive Director the details of the day to day operations. The Director of Operations is expected to embody TCPR’s mission and vision statements. The position reports directly to the Executive Director.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to rescue abandoned, homeless, abused, neglected, and otherwise unwanted dogs, cats and small companion animals, with the ultimate goal of finding each one a stable and loving forever home. We specialize in providing care for animals with medical needs and behavioral issues and transitioning them thoughtfully and safely into adoptive homes.

Vision Statement

A humane country in which animals are treated with compassion and respect.

General Responsibilities

  1. Board Governance: Works with the Executive Director in order to fulfill the organization’s mission.

       a.  Responsible for assisting the dog and cat teams in a manner that supports the organization’s mission as defined by the Board.

       b.  Responsible for communicating effectively with the Executive Director and providing, in a timely and accurate manner, all information necessary for them to function properly and to make informed decisions.

     2. Financial Performance and Viability: Functions in an intake and adoption supervisory role that supports the adherence to the annual operating expense budget. 

      a.  Responsible for performance integrity of the dog and cat teams, including, but not limited to:

       i. Partnering with the Executive Director to ensure timely and efficient foster and adoption procedures that adhere to the operating expense budget.

       ii. Submission to the Executive Director of monthly adoption statistics/reports that accurately reflect the daily operating condition of the organization.

   b.  Responsible for fiscal management including, but not limited to:

       i.  Operating within the approved budget and providing reporting updates monthly to the Executive Director.

       ii.  Ensuring maximum resource utilization within the donation system, to ensure that resources are utilized appropriately.

c.   Responsible for volunteer support and development of foster resources necessary to support the organization’s mission.

      3. Organization Operations: Utilizes and reports resources to ensure the organization is meeting intake and adoption goals.

                a.   Responsible for effective training and support of all volunteer resources in contact with animals.

                b.   Responsible for regularly attending collaborative meetings with the Leadership Team.

                c.   Responsible for training and support of competent, qualified volunteers, and fosters.

Professional Qualifications

  • An associate’s degree is required. A bachelor’s degree or higher is preferred.
  • Two or more years of nonprofit leadership experience.
  • Two or more years of management experience.
  • Two or more years of experience working directly with animals, specifically dogs and cats.
  • Fundraising experience preferred but not required.

Other Skills

  • Team mentality when problem solving and innovating
  • Transparent communication and leadership
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Excellent public speaking abilities
  • Ability to interface and engage diverse volunteer groups.
  • Ability to oversee, motivate and collaborate with volunteers and fosters. 

Animal Rescue-Specific Skills

  • Comfortable and confident with animals
  • Passion for animals with special needs
  • Support for positive breed awareness
  • Prioritizes humane treatment of animals (i.e. no declawing, debarking, or outdoor companion animals)
  • Training methodologies consistent with TCPR’s mission and values

Job Responsibilities

  • Serve as the organizations primary volunteer and foster coordinator contact for those in contact with animals
  • Establish, maintain and grow relationships with fosters and volunteers that are in contact with animals
  • Provide weekly reports to the Executive Director on intake and adoptions
  • Arrange for transport and pick up of intakes, as well as arrange for or accompany animals to adoption events, and all necessary appointments as needed
  • Supervise, motivate, and collaborate with volunteers and fosters in contact with animals
  • Regular correspondence with volunteers, business associates, vendors, and the general public
  • Report to and work closely with the Executive Director
  • Support volunteers, and fosters as well as animals from intake to adoption
  • Other duties as assigned by the Executive Director or as needed to ensure ongoing operation of the organization______________________________

    If you are interested in this position you can apply to join our team by emailing your resume to our Executive Director, and tell us what sparked your passion for animal rescue.