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Animal Rescue Medical Liaison


The Medical Liaison is responsible for providing Medical leadership for Twin Cities Pet Rescue, managing volunteers and ensuring regulatory compliance relating to the care and custody of animals in relationship to rescue.  The Medical Liaison is also responsible for creating an environment of teamwork in which quality medicine is delivered and animals are well cared for and prepared for adoption. 

In partnership with the Executive Director and the Director of Operations, the Medical Liaison is responsible for advising the rescue in the financial performance of the rescue with regards to operating and capital budgets relating to the health and wellness of rescue animals, and advising on cost saving ways to assist in meeting budget expectations. 

This position is a 1099 Independent Contractor role.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to rescue abandoned, homeless, abused, neglected, and otherwise unwanted dogs, cats and small companion animals, with the ultimate goal of finding each one a stable and loving forever home. We specialize in providing care for animals with medical needs and behavioral issues and transitioning them thoughtfully and safely into adoptive homes.

Vision Statement

A humane country in which animals are treated with compassion and respect.

General Responsibilities

  • Oversees surgical and medical cases for all animals, ensuring positive outcomes, accurate estimates, and leadership team communication and education to assist with foster and adoptive family education. 
  • Maintains and improves quality of medical records and intake procedures.
  • Answers leadership teams questions and concerns regarding medical and surgical procedures as well as behavioral issues. 
  • Oversight and direction of intake and preventive standards for quality of care.
  • Establishment and review of medical protocols.
  • Recommendation of rescue’s veterinary inventory.
  • Assure medical records are being updated by volunteers and fill in to complete data entry as needed. 
  • Assists in networking with other Veterinary hospitals and practices. 
  • Oversee transfer of medical cases from foster to clinic and clinic to foster
  • Maintain a position on the Vetting Committee 
  • Follow all TCPR policies with particular attention to the Vetting Policies 
  • Monitor and respond to calls on the vetting emergency phone line

Professional Qualifications

  • Veterinary background preferred.

Other Skills

  • Team mentality when problem solving and innovating
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to interface and engage with leadership team, volunteers, and adopters
  • Ability to collaborate with volunteers, employees, and independent contractors
  • Budget-management skills and ability to recommend appropriate vetting solutions that are aligned with the established TCPR Vetting Policy
  • Strong organizational skills.

Animal Rescue-Specific Skills

  • Comfortable and confident with animals
  • Passion for animals with special needs
  • Support for positive breed awareness
  • Prioritizes humane treatment of animals (i.e. no declawing, debarking, or outdoor companion animals)
  • Training methodologies consistent with TCPR’s mission and values – low stress handling and positive reinforcement practices

Time Commitment

  • Hybrid role with a mix of in-person and virtual responsibilities.
  • One Community Wellness Clinic per Quarter (4-6 hours) and/or participation in Microchip & Wellness Clinics
  • Two internal vetting clinics for foster animals monthly (3-4 hours)
  • Virtual triage appointments for fosters (as needed)
  • Communication with Leadership Team and fosters by phone/text/email as needed

If interested, please contact Dan Vallejo at with a cover letter and resumé.